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frenchzie's Journal

Not much to say about me...

You may not find much to read from me and/or about me: I'm rather discrete, and my current position draws most of my energy (on top of generating a general lack of time)...

Few of my interests:
- GAMING, especially at Dagibbs' or Ironphoenix';
- FOODIE, who loves especially chocolate and sushi;
- "WINE & CHEESE" - What else to expect from the French girl...?
- MOVIES, the type that we call "répertoire" back home; "répertoire" includes international, alternative & independant (the Sundance Festival style), psychotronic (Wiki's http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychotronic and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychotronic_movie#Psychotronic_movie) and classics; roughly ByTowne's or Mayfair's genres...
- OUTDOORS, not always easy for the carless (kept that old habit from Montréal) that I am, but I try to grab any opportunites whenever I get some... ;)
... and DANCING...! And I didn't even know that I've missed it that much!

And my userpic is Quino's Mafalda: when I've discovered her, the strip was already not running for decades, but I immediately fell in love with that little humanist asking too many questions, concerned by politics, society and world peace. As much as Charlie Brown wanted to integrate the society, she's rather critical about it. When the strip was published, some of the main concerns were: international politics and world peace; society & societal models transformation; stress; Yellow Peril and Asia submerging the world with very cheap products (everything seemed to be "made in Japan", by then); power, energy and oil issues...

No parallel whatsoever to make with what's currently happening on the world scene... ;)